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My name is Scott Gossman. I'm the owner of Gossman Knives. I make knives for wilderness survival experts,military personal, big game hunters, professional woodsman and outdoor enthusiasts. I make knives by way of stock removal. The steels I work with are carbon tool steels such as A2, O1 and S7 . I also work with high tech stainless steels such as CPM 154, CPM S35 VN, CPM S90V, 154CM  and CPM 3V
All the work is done by me in house except for the occasional waterjet cutting of difficult designs. Take a look around my site and see if there is a style of knife that may interest you. I specialize in big game hunting and survival knives.
Thanks for looking
I've started a Tusker User Group. If you own any variation of the Tusker, Mini Tusker, Standard Tusker, Big Boar Tusker, Tusker Companion or Tusker Bowie you can become a member of this group. The Tusker is a very popular model that I make. I'm also giving each member a specially made patch. You can see it in gallery 3 next to a Tusker.
New size for the Big Boar Tusker. I'm offering a 1/4" thick by 2" wide BBT. Check out pricing in the pricing, spec sheet page. All Tuskers now available in S7 steel.
Thanks to everyone for your continued support.
I will be selling Gossman Knives merchandise through Cafe Press.
You can check it out here

If you need more info
Scott Gossman
P.O. Box 41
Whiteford, Md. 21160

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